Community Music School

MUSIC LINK FOUNDATION                    

The Binghamton Philharmonic is an affiliate of the MusicLink Foundation. Any child who has musical potential deserves the opportunity to nurture this talent to its full extent. Many children lack the chance to receive music lessons due to financial need. The BPO works with the MusicLink Foundation to reach out to low income families by linking these students with professional music teachers willing to reduce their fee to make the lessons more affordable for the child. For more information on MusicLink and the BPO, call the BPO at 607-723-3931.


Through a partnership with area music teachers and the Hoyt Foundation, the Binghamton Philharmonic is pleased to offer referrals for private lessons. Please call the BPO for more information (607-723-3931).

If you are a private teacher who would like to be on our teacher referral list, contact Executive Director Paul Cienniwa (607-723-3931 x4,